Covid-19 has been an eye opener for all of us when it comes to disinfecting. Cleaning Products and Services are up and about in promoting this process to everyone with a promise of safety for you, your loved ones and your customers.

However, it is important for you to know how and why it actually works so you can maintain a healthy home and business.


Where it all begins

CDC has advised us that proper disinfection begins with a thorough and deep clean of surfaces areas that are contaminated with dirt, dust and other particles. Dust in homes and businesses can actually contain pathogens. Dirt can contain germs and viruses. Both are extremely harmful for you.

One challenge is that in order for disinfecting solutions to penetrate the surfaces, contaminants like mud, food spills and others must be removed. If not done properly, the solution will just stay on top of the contaminant without having the chance to go deeper into the surfaces.


Where it all spreads

After a thorough and deep cleaning, the next objective should be breaking the cycle of spreading germs throughout your home and business.

The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH) identified spots that are high risk in terms of spreading viruses. These are the following: Hands, Frequently Touched Surfaces and Anything that Touches Food.

When you are deciding which disinfection services to avail, always consider the return on your investment. Sure, some services can be pricey, but always think of the guarantees that it can bring to you.



Where it all moves forward

Breaking the cycle of spreading viruses especially in high-risk spots that we mentioned above is one of the most essential steps in a safe home and business. This will minimize the presence of pathogens and bacteria.

However, a one-time disinfection is not enough to cover you, your family and business in a month. A routine schedule of deep cleaning should be implemented to secure your safety, especially in high-risk spots. By doing this, you will be able to keep everyone safer for a longer period.

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