You want a clean and orderly house. Yes, we all want that. But your clothes wouldn’t fold themselves in your closet. Your dirty plates and utensils would not wash themselves on the sink. Your rugs and cleaning solutions will not rub itself on to food and liquid spells.


You actually have to do the work. 



Add small cleaning activities in your daily life


Sure you can’t do a deep clean every single day of the year, but there are a lot of smaller cleaning activities that you can consistently do to avoid a chaotic home.


First thing to do is not to procrastinate. You ate breakfast? Wash the dishes. You used the steamer for your clothes? Put it back in storage after use. Spilled some juice on the floor? Mop it up.


The longer you wait, the longer the list of tasks will pile up because you keep moving around the house and leaving trails of cleaning tasks to do. Then when you go home from work, you are too tired to attend to them so you decide to do them the next day instead. Then the day repeats itself again and you’ll be left with a massive cleaning up to do by the end of the week.


You may also add one special task on a daily basis. For instance, you can schedule cleaning the bathroom every Monday, then floor and window cleaning on Tuesdays and so forth. This again, prevents you from having endless list of things to do on a weekend just because you already accomplished smaller cleaning activities on a day-to-day basis.



What are these small cleaning activities that you can add to your daily routine?


As we have stated earlier, procrastination makes you end up with tons of things to do on the weekend. The general rule to avoid it is: If you touch it, then you have to clean it. To make it easier, these are some of the things that this rule can be applied to:


  1. Finished reading your book? Put it back on the shelf.
  2. Turned on the TV, Aircon and Sound System? Make sure that when you turn them off, you place the remote controls back in its designated places.
  3. You got mails? Whether you sort it now or later, put them somewhere contained.
  4. Kids played with toys? You can also teach them to clean it up themselves after.
  5. Prepared food on the counter? Wipe it after and wash all the utensils and kitchenware you used.
  6. Soap and foam got stuck in your wall when you took a bath? Wash it with water and wipe them down to avoid stains.



Organization: Prevention is always better than cure


House chaos usually happens when things are out of place. Trying to find a specific item may it be in your closet or kitchen can mess up the entire area if things do not have proper designated areas. You may just end up turning the place upside down only to find out that your tennis shoes ended up in the bathroom closet just because you didn’t properly allocate a space that makes sense.


Everything that you need on a daily basis should be easily accessible. Items that are not frequently used or seasonal products should be stored with proper labels. This can avoid you going through a Rolodex of storage with no idea which specific bin you placed the shirt you are looking for.



De-cluttering: Your New Best Friend


The reason why most homes are cluttered is because they have multitude of inventories of the same thing and have tons of items that they haven’t used in years.


Your pantry is overflowing? Check the expiration dates of the items in there. Chances are, there are tons of products that you can no longer use, but have been saving them up for special occasions. In the end, they become waste. Throw them out to clear the space. This will help you avoid ending up with stacks and stacks of products that you thought you could still use.


Closets are also some of the most cluttered areas of the house. You visit them daily and get stuff from it every time you go out. If you don’t have proper areas for each category, then again, you’ll end up wasting time trying to find an item under a pile of rubble. General rule is if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s not yours anymore. Sell them or donate them. Either way, these items will get appreciated and used instead of just collecting dust. Of course memorable pieces can be kept. Put them in proper storage and take them out of the closet. This space needs to only include items that you will most likely use in the coming months.


All of the tips that we have given here are small steps that you can take to make cleaning activities a little bit lighter. However, should you need more help, WellSpring Cleaning is always here to do the job