In a 2021 survey, customers were asked to give rankings on the importance of 5 attributes in a store: a great checkout process, an open door mindset in receiving feedbacks, a clean and safe store, and warm store representatives.

And can you guess what ranked first? Yes, a clean and safe store. And the great thing is, making your store clean is an easy job with WellSpring Cleaning Services’ help! 🙂


1. Transparent and Dust-Free Glass

Glass is prone to getting dirt – people touching it, children with food spills on their hands playing with it, and the usual dirt and dust.

Mirrors are what makes people buy items – especially if your business is clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. This should be frequently cleaned with glass sprays to make sure that they are crystal clear.


2. Shelves and Displays

People take products in and out of the shelves, hence, making the space vulnerable to dirt. If what they see under your products is dust, this could make customers feel off and may not even buy your items.

A deep clean is essential every other week. Shelves should be dismantled to make sure that corners are thoroughly cleaned. Test different cleaning agents to achieve the best results!

Always keep in mind that your shelves are the main features of your store. They have to be clean at all times, so your products are highlighted well.



3. Make it Clutter Free

Clutter is a sign of uncleanliness and disorganization. It is also a cause of customers slipping. If items are left on the floor, they could easily trip. Worst case scenario: You can be liable for hospital expenses and a bad review about your store.

Always make sure that your store representatives follow health and safety processes. They should also be able to stock our shelves before and after customers leave. It may sound difficult, but it is better to be safe than sorry.



4. Your Entrance is like your Greeting to Customers

Your customers’ first impressions of your store is important. This is where they would decide to go in or walk past it.

A dirty, narrow or blocked entrance is a big turn off to customers. Make sure that your entrance has enough lighting, space and is clean all the time. 

Although you may not be able to control the exact aesthetics of your entrance, if you are in a mall, you can always control how clean and safe it is for your customers.




5. Toilets, Sinks and Trash Bins are some of the dirtiest parts of your store

Toilets may not be in your entrance, but it is the most essential when it comes to being clean. Customers judge you based on the safety of your bathroom! Unfortunately, this is where most business owners make frequent mistakes.

Of course, no one goes into bathrooms for an entire day, but a few minutes in it can turn your customers off. Especially if your business is food and drinks, keeping this spotless should be your priority.

Also make sure that they are stocked. Bathrooms can be unsanitary in a snap if toilet papers, soaps and running water are not available.


Make your store standout by making it clean the entire day! Even if a hidden room like staff and stock rooms are disorganized, other main parts of your store will definitely be affected as well.


Make your store sparkly clean with WellSpring Cleaning Services! 

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