A healthy and safe home and a thriving business need one thing: A clean space that is maintained, not just scheduled bi-annually.

Make sure that your home and/or store are properly cleaned on a regular basis to keep your family, employees and clients safe.

The different efficiency of cleaning should be able to help you choose as to which method to use to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses. We will be discussing the attributes between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting so we can shed you some light on how they work.


Cleaning: Seeing Through Your Eyes

Cleaning means eliminating all contaminations that is visible to the eye. This could include spills, dirt, mud, food and others. You may do this by washing it, brushing it with cleaning agents and wiping the surfaces, These actions is only on eye level and does not kill germs. However, this could aid in lessening their numbers.

This is the usual first step in cleaning and it can include products like soap, detergents, vacuums, dusters, degreasers and glass cleaners.

All of which are used by WellSpring Cleaning Services for your needs!


Sanitizing: Lessening Bacteria and Fungi

When you sanitize, you lessen the number of microorganisms that the eyes do not see. This includes bacteria and fungi. When picking your sanitizer, you should make sure that it can lessen the bacteria that is recommended by public health protocols.

Yes, sanitizing can lessen the number of bacteria. However, it cannot kill all types. It is only meant to be used as a preventative step. It is essential in restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals and even your homes. Anything that is touched by food should be sanitized on a regular basis, ideally many times in a day.

What to Sanitize

If it touches food, then it should be on your list. To give you an idea, here are some for a start: Cutting Boards, Worktables, Pots and Pans, Serving Utensils, Countertops and Cooking Equipment.



Sanitizing can kill most germs, but it cannot do the same for viruses.

Disinfecting can kill 100% of bacteria, viruses and fungi and can lock in to specifics like disease-causing organism like bird virus, flu and the deadly covid-19.

What to Disinfect

First on the list is bathrooms as they contain pathogens that can easily spread illnesses to those who come in contact. Light switches,  Door Knobs, Elevator Buttons, Handrails, Faucets, Keyboards and Mouse, and Telephones are the ones frequently touched by people and more prone in causing diseases.


Eco-friendly Products: Keeping your family and the environment safe

WellSpring stands for your loved ones and the environment. This is the main reason why we choose our cleaning products carefully and establish a responsibility in protecting the environment. We use highly effective cleaning formulas that are safe at the same time.


Comparing these various cleaning processes will allow you to decrease the number of bacteria and virus as you move from cleaning to disinfecting.


The right way to make sure that the cleaning processes you do for your home are successful is with WellSpring Cleaning Services’ professional work. Better be safe than do your own experiments. Always prioritize making your home and business a healthy place for your family, customers and employees.